Nancy Pelosi Stands in the Middle

Civil War was Brother against Brother, and now under the Democrat rule of Nancy Pelosi if the votes of the States are accepted with or with out objection people of the government has said she will have the deciding vote.

Questions that will come to a head… is this our future?
Will it again become Brother against Brother or in this case Democrat against Republican?
Will China take over America?

If Biden takes control… will Harris have him locked up in an old folks home, and follow the lead of John Kerry? We all know they eat their own?

The biggest question for me is will our armed force resign from their post?
We don’t force people to join the armed forces, and we know the Democrat party like to send our soldiers in to a battle in lands overseas.

Will we now be flooded in with tax bills, broken military, and a government that does what they want to do? We have been lied to from them and can’t trust the news.

Democrat’s have given away our medications to China to make, our fishing waters around the USA to China; whale fishing to Japan. China controls how many children you can have, and our government said it’s OK for 16 year old kids Do Not Need permission to get an abortion.

I have seen it all now; very disappointing. We are the largest gun in the world, and each and everyone will stand responsible before your children and God. Good Luck in the choice you make.

There are two parts to everything Good vs Bad, Left vs Right, up vs down, front vs back, in vs out. When you come before the Great Spirit will you stand proud, or will you try to speak with false truth?

I stand with Trump… if he walks out of the White House We the People should stand down, but if he stands his ground We the People should stand for justice.

If our votes don’t count… Don’t pay taxes and Barter it’s legal… if you work a job… work for only what you need. Try to go off grid. Follow only people you trust. We know it’s the Chinese; if you don’t know them, avoid them, avoid buying from them. Get to know your neighbors, and get strong with your community.

We are a target as adults with this virus, and they say it comes again; have they now learned how to spread it? Are they trying to reduce our numbers?

If you think I’m a nut… fair enough; was it me who gave everything away to China or was it the people I/we trusted in Washington? When China makes the choice to who lives and who dies in this country… I hope you know where to get your medications, and foods.

God Bless and Stay Aware

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