Why fight for Freedom in every Country including our own

When there is blood spilled over our voting system… when so many stand together that feel wronged; wouldn’t have been easier to run the election one more time.

Why are we killing each other? Why are the republicans always wrong; always the one to serve our masters?

Is this equal justice for all… when you mow down a life giver? There were family’s there just wanting to show peace and loving support not just for Trump or Biden, but for the right to vote… now minus one.

At this point I can only say, we have fought a virus; been lock down from a government that has lied to us, and our President. They have attacked Trumps family with the virus, with impeachment, accused him of injustice to our country with Russia. Put his friends in jail.

American people have spend all they can to keep the family businesses going; now must close their doors forever. People with tears in their eyes begging for help to feed their families and pay their bills.

We have had people in our families that have paid taxes for generations, and never had the chance to collect a dime. I have had family that have laid down their lives serving in the military, and our Government hold back money for over 6 months for $600, and give immigrants $1800, not to mention Billions oversea for their land grab.

When you think of the first thing out of the news reports mouth and the Democrats is Joe Biden won, and it’s all over before the girl was even dead yet… is sick.

People are like animals for power!

Final Thought: After four days of bitter fighting, Chief Joseph could hold out no longer. As he surrendered his rifle to Miles, the valiant Indian leader said, “My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever.” He came to Canada where my tribe the CREE Indians… The First Nations People took them into the Grand Mother’s Land.

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One thought on “Why fight for Freedom in every Country including our own

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    That is an American Vet on the floor taking her last breath as Democrats pin brother against brother. She did not go there to the capital to die, she just wanted to stop the steal ( her sworn duty and oath). Why did she not get equal treatment… because she is a woman.


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