Why Bit-coin and Others are Bad

Have a look at what I am about to show you… A Coin that claims to be better then all the other coins. If your smart, take your money out as fast as possible. The Steal is on!!!

First meet the team who claim to be best and their title: Check here to see “The Team”

Now after seeing China is loading up information and seeing “The Team Title” have a fast read over their disclosures: Click here to see Disclosure

Oh this gets better: Their Privacy Policy WOW! You don’t have to be an Attorney to Know they can pretty much do as they like: Click here Privacy Policy Once you join them; you can never really leave. There are rules when you Request NOT to Sell your information: No Joke; Click here to see how you have Sold your SOUL

Ok, if you still think you want to Bit Coin your life away; remember, Trump was able to make money to bale out the world once. Once you get Bit coin you can learn really fast about life 101: Check this find out Your Limit

When I was a kid a Candy Bar was .05 cents now it’s $1.00? If you buy a coin today, and your limit on the coin is $21,000,000 Congratulations! When you hit about 50 or 60 years down the road the true value if kept on the high side of $21,000,000 it’s true worth will be… a whopping One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.) of value.

Try to picture me standing at the counter with a nickel, and a candy bar. That is where you will be 50 years from now if the coin was to last that long.

Why are there so many Millionaires right now… in a nut shell you are spending your future to make the richer, Richer!!!

Final Thought: There is much more to this game of coins. I am not a broker, finance adviser, or just the Old Guy no one believes. I just wish I was young again when I new everything.
Reminds me when I ask my son to put his toys away, and I offered to help. My son at five years old raised his voice at me; and told me, “Dad I been doing it my whole life!”
Look it’s your life and how you spend it is on you. Know what you are responsible for; because if I’m still alive… You not moving in! Enjoy the clip!

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Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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