You’ve Got Blackmail


I’m popping back in, tonight, for a quick blog. I wanted to just say something clearly, since it’s danced around at best or invisible at worst. There’s one thing, and one thing only, that explains all this seemingly unrelated world and national chaos with perfect ease. That thing is: video evidence of ritualized abuse/murder of kids, on the part of many, many world VIPs, which has fallen into the hands of good guys, who intend to expose it, and everything it implies.

Just that.

I realize that none of us want to think about that, or believe it could be true, or imagine it might be real, and that’s fine — but the alternative is to feel that you’re in a world gone mad, where nothing that happens can be explained or connected to any real meaning, anymore.

So consider it, at least with squinted eyes, and ask yourself: what…

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