Is China a Poor Country?

We have poured USA dollars in to China because they have played poor, and we were made to believe they need our help. We have countries that have not paid back a dime, so we wanted to help send educational books, clothes, food and supplies.

We have given other countries such as China our fishing areas, lumber, and other businesses because we thought that’s their way of thanking us.

So while we relaxed our school system fell by the waste side. While other counties such as China has had the spoils of the un Nations and the USA. Don’t be fooled, motors, lumber, fuel all surrounding China as well as other countries… they have been fine.

When you look at this video of this young man; ask yourself this, Can My child do that?
Also ask yourself this; does your husband or sons have these tools or skills? I will bet your car seats don’t look this good…

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