OUR VOTES COUNT! How Many Bodies do you Want from us Nancy Pelosi?

This is not about Trump, Biden or Parties Our Brothers and Sisters in Arms have given their lives so The American People can be FREE.

Our votes were Stolen! How do you justify after Hundreds of Thousands of soldiers have signed their lives for their loyalty to this Country. Put wreaths on the graves of veterans on Christmas, and Not Acknowledge the girl shot in the neck?

Ashli Babbitt Served in US Air Force for 14 Years, and was a Military Police officer; a police Officer that understood the Constitution and Law. A 35 year old girl who died for you cowards! Why don’t you all just go piss on the grave of the Unknown Soldier.

When guys came back from Viet Nam you spit and called the guys coming off the planes Baby Killers; gave no ceremony. Guys are coming home with no arms no legs, skin set to fire, ear damage; think about this America, and what you have done to Your Armed Forces.

Cops… You need to stand down, and learn about our right; because they will continue to put one against each other… You should be ashamed of yourselves. This is who she was: Click here

This is what I said prior to getting our $600 Check I wrote Trump to how I felt:
Click here: I beg everyone to share This letter for my Sister in Arms

Soldier Against Soldie

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