The Cat is Out of the Bag!?

AMERICA FOR SALE!! Our Military and Police Force are used to follow the Big Wigs…

Sleepy Americans waking up to being put up For Sale is what it has come down too.

Like it or not: You work, you collect your pay, and the Government takes THEIR Tax money to spend as they like. Our Capital is circled with 25,000 military, every police force in the Capital because a small amount of people mixed with Trump followers.

The swamp does not lock up the big wigs; they showed (through Joe Biden) that they can be bought. Harris is the Professional Prosecutor that will lock up people, and take way your kids if you don’t comply.

If you join the military you must be deprogramed from following Trump. Soon much like China if you speak bad about the government you could go to jail.

That’s not the land I grew up in. Have we created a monster that is no longer in the control of the people? My family is a military family, and I can tell you this… we did not fight in the military to give our country away.

I am asking all Americans to start learning to handle your own money by only investing in American businesses. For the time being if you don’t know where to put your money look to ETF in America: Click here and print to take to a broker‘, Most brokers handle global stocks. Hold your ground to put your money in USA Companies, and I will tell you why.

China has hidden companies here in the USA from old time companies bought with the name like Armour Hot Dogs: Click here to get the some of those Chinese Companies.

Bit coin and coins like it are bad! Did you really think you found a gold mine of your own?
We’ll see how long that last for you… DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!
Click here before telling me I’m wrong.

Please… America… Follow me to be pointed in the right direction, if I don’t know something… I’ll tell you I don’t know. Tell your friends, share this letter, sit your family down to hear these thing that can hurt America.

China’s goal is to turn America in to farmers, and supply their country with what they want. What is sad… picture this… working the farm, and not being able to feed your family because it belongs to China. If you eat any of it you will be put in jail for life or shot for a message to all Americans.

Right now there are 1 million Muslims held in a Chinese prison. They will start one here as Joe Biden has said he will privatize prisons… with who? China?

Donald Trump maybe out of the White House, but he is not going away anytime soon.
As soon as Donald and his family get some breathing room… HE”LL BE BACK!

Follow me, and I will keep you posted…

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