This is now your 2nd Notice to BUY!

Stock to buy is under a dollar! Stock Symbol “ALLIF” is going to jump up fast in my option.

Alpha Lithium Battery power is needed, and in demand to power the new electric car, trucks, and planes! Yes Planes!

American People need to catch up with China in making money. I am not a broker, and I am self taught in stocks and option trading.

Get yourself a TD Ameritrade account even if you no nothing, and buy “ALLIF” even with $100 is all you have. Tesla is going to be out to buy all he can get to control his competition. We all know he loves his company.

Go to their News up-date: Yesterdays news is todays profit!

Follow me, share and comment… if Americans are going to be left in the dust

Published by junkmall

Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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