B.L.M. and Asian over Shadow Native People

Blacks and Asian People since 1955 have had their Freedom. Blacks and Asian looked to Native American Reservations to hide from Slave masters during slavery, and slave labor.

Both Blacks and Asian have never looked back to help Natives; they continue to seek more of what ever they can get from the government. Even the Hawaiian People prosper in their Native sun, and never bring up the importance of returning the land of the Native People. Native Americans are the only people to come out of war, and not get their land returned to them.

Blacks can go back to their country; Asians can go back to their country, but they chose to stay here, and complain that they are owed something.

The Native people are silent, and independently try to survive on what turned out to be false promises. President Trump was good to the Native People; he heard their voice, and you cheated him out of his victory.

Do you even know of what is happening to Native People? Don’t turn a blind eye…

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