Jet Blue Airlines

Jet Blue trips looks to be the the pick of the people as it’s stock continues to climb, and has at least another $5 of growth to go per share; if, you want to climb on board.

Jet Blue Investment reports will give you some insight to how well they are doing, and soon we will be free to room the planet once again.

For as much as the American people have been through I never thought to see an air line make it though. Jet Blue has been running $14 to $15, and as of 1/14/2021 has been at the $15 to $16 level if your interested in shares.

I’m thinking they will hit their normal high in about 6 month at the $20 to $22 dollars for a nice $5 score per share.

We really need to put all this craziness behind us, and look ahead, and be sure to thank God that it hasn’t come to civil war. Trump is leading by going golfing… we need to do the same.

You’ll be getting your money soon; make some investment yourself, or through a broker. And go have some fun… there are many eyes on Biden, and the FBI is hauling in the bad guys for sure. As Americas I think we have did our duty to say corruption has gone to far, and maybe now they will do their best.

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