What could be the New McDonald’s

Lets face it McDonald is old school and burned out. Flat computer Burgers, and hollow French Fry. Come on really computer condiments cheap service like we can’t make due with out them.

I remember when they came out then Burger King popped up, and it was a battle for customers. Man that was great; hand made burgers with real meat, fresh garden lettuce, tomato and onion. Two for one deals every day, and Fry’s over flowing your bag.

Shakes to kill for no doubt, but I think we have something big coming our way that is going to liven up things.

Shake Shack is doing all the right things to awaken America to the real American ideals of Burgers and Fry’s. They look great to invest in now at $125, and best yet… they are not a franchise in China.

McDonalds was not been under $150 in the last 20 years, as a matter of fact they are over $200. If it was not for the pandemic Burger King was about to close the doors for good. The funds the Government made Burger Kings come back… for how long… who knows, But I do know this; Shake Shack is really going to Shake things up in the next few year.

If you have shares in McDonalds; I am not a broker, I am self taught… so don’t take my word for it. Do your research, and handle your own investments. As I was saying, for every share of McDonalds you can just about get two shares of Shake Shack.

Just wait till this place hits your area! Shake Shack has my eye! The All American Food that supports the American Farmer! Check out it’s growth here!

Find their location here!

STAND FOR SOMETHING GOOD; Overview of the Team!!

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