Start Learning Stock Buying/Selling!

Market opens 9:30 Eastern Time USA

Open Account in TD Ameritrade and/or you can Down Load Software called “Think or Swim” That you can practice with “Paper Money” (fake) when the Market is open, and you can switch to Real Money.

If the Market sounds exciting to you for whatever reason it may have caught your eye; remember exciting things happen all the time. The market was born long ago, and it can make you rich, but it can make you poor faster.

Stay calm and forget greed is what you first need to master. Trading “Paper Money” while the market is open is like a chance to feel, what your going to go through. Once your ready to go with real money your heart will start to pound in your chest with excitement. You will feel like you have to move fast, and you will no doubt make mistakes. Mistakes happen to me, and I have years under my belt.

Mistakes are different from moving to fast; trying to move fast is like, shooting yourself in the toe because you pulled the trigger before the gun ever left the holster. The mistake would be forgetting to load your gun.

You may want to join a group, but they are going to want money up front. I picked up my teaching in a group called “Options Alpha” that will allow you to learn for FREE. Kirk is the owner, and he is willing to help if you have questions. There is also a life time membership available if you interested, but not necessary.

There are a lot of people in other groups that will want you in their group, and I trust Kirk will never harm anyone; however, everyone has their own way of teaching so explore.

The groups that will pull you in will come with a lead person, but be careful who you choose if any. Always best to stay on your own… you don’t need anyone to spend your money for you. Do your own research. Remember this saying, “Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend”.

Well that’s about all there is to it; study, study, study. You now have a great start, put yourself to the grind, and work from home. If you make 3-6% on your money you are ahead of most. Within time you will be able to pull in 20%, 50%, to as much as 300% gains, but don’t let someone sell you their dreams.

Please share, follow, and rate. One person tells two, two tell four, and so on… Never spend more then you can afford.

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Self educated in the field of Stock buying and Stock Option

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