This is what American Women feel about politicians taken children

American Politicians have been labeling men/women sex offenders. Women as unfit mothers, and fathers as dead beat dads at every opportunity to break up families. “We the People” now see through their storm to not only label people, but to convict to make them felons. Why you may ask?

Why Felons? To take their rights from carrying guns, and collecting guns if they have any.
So why sex offender and or unfit mother? Because of the shameful nature of false statements people are reluctant to say anything; such claim in public, due to harmful rejection both mental and almost always physical attack. Government has found the perfect and most silent attack on people. Basically do as I say or we will take your kids, and/ or you go to jail.

Joe Biden has already creating detention camps at the border just for collecting children of immigration. This has put many people on the defense that women are getting skills that you would not normally see in women.

No one is going to get on the wrong side of this gal

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