The American Stars are Falling

Blame Trump if you want, but the world is watching how the democrats have stole the election. Other countries are hearing how the CIA and the FBI a well respected law enforcement group that was compromised.

Under Biden or not other countries are going to stay the course that was the Trump Policy as they pull together with each other. American news casting that has pulled the American people both left and right has failed in fooling other countries.

The impeachment has been the falling stars of the democrat lead; this is something they will not recover from in the world theater. No one will be fooled, mislead, or have their votes stolen again. When the world found out how votes were stolen in other countries by the fingers of the American interest for so many countries; the world is out raged, and now have their own turmoil with their leadership.

Hear for your self: All major US allies are going ahead with Trump’s policies, leaving a bickering Biden behind. 3.37 mins

Under Biden; 450 arrested in human trafficking scheme, part of Operation Reclaim and Rebuild

American false claims of our neighbors as sex offenders has been a lie and a cover up of the democrat party by running the courts. News outlets and the Biden administration to continue fears of abuse while connecting children on web sites like tictok, and tender for the people trafficking with Biden bully power for China.

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Mike Pompeo reacts to Biden’s ‘flip-flopping’ on China threat

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