I Have 73 Million in Friends

You may not like it, but Donald J Trump is the “Most Valuable Man in the Universe” who has gone up against the best of them. All he needs do is create a Logo of his Approval, and you will have 73 Million of my friends knocking at your door if only to see why Trump has allowed you his Brand.

Much like Apple locking in your safety and the safety of your family. Apple who I have spoke of that also owns Sirius XM stock symbol “SIRI” has Satellite’s for radio communications like your car radio; can also transmit for cell telephones.

We have had Big Tech say it’s OK for them to allow porn to slit by, because they can’t keep up with everything that goes up, but they can control voting? So what is their history if they have no record? And who do they know and work with in a corrupt government?

Mark Zuckerberg who started Face Book has stolen photos and information with out permission, and got off with saying he was sorry. Mark Zuckerberg’s web site has has a history for sure, but his start up can not go unnoticed with Chinese investors.

Here is what Apple is looking to do say one…

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