Kentucky Home of Danial Boone lost all Too Senator Mitch McConnell

Daniel Boone (Click here for History) was an American frontiersman who became legendary for his role in leading settlers from the eastern states through a gap in the Appalachian Mountain range to Kentucky. Boone did not discover the passage through the mountains, known as the Cumberland Gap, but he demonstrated that it was a feasible way for settlers to travel westward.

It is a shameful thing that Kentucky with so much Great History with early settlers, horse race, war, singers, and at the hour of need for America’s Freedom. Kentucky surrenders to the over powering democrat party to impeach the greatest president that has ever served makes you wonder what they have on “Their” Senator Mitch McConnell.

With so much coming out on the democrat party with sex trafficking’s, missing children, finger pointing. The thought of bringing people (immigrants) into the USA when we have already riots in the streets; police being shot and gun down, FBI and CIA with proven corruption at the top.

The biggest thing is Biden who is medically unstable with trying to remember why his in front of the microphone falling asleep on TV interviews and the democrat party has stolen the vote, and Kentucky has not thrown him out the door.

Just how long this will go on is in question… will they give him the boot as roomers continue that he too may have treated children as Biden does right in your face and mother’s sell out for money and/or power.

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