How to pay your bills for FREE!

Home Bistro Inc. ( this is an example) is soaring at this time, so how does this help pay your bills.
Home Bistro Inc. is a company that is young and growing. Had you bought 1 share of this company just 5 months ago; for the going rate on Sept 21, 2020, would have paid $25.23.

Home Bistro Inc. is now on this Oct. 24, 2020, is going for $35.72! That would put $10.49 in your pocket PER Share! Try to see where I am going with this. That is over 36%, and that is just from read my letters or what is called a blog.

More to the point if you put in $1000 to $10,000 in 5 months you would have pocketed $350 to $3,600! If you have a good prospect like this every month… your are living the life of a millionaire. How much can a millionaire spend a day? $2600 a day less tax multiplied by 365 days in a year would give you… $949,000 a year less tax as a ruff out look.

Wow Right! So to the point for every $1000 a month could bring you too $350 a month income or you continue to carry the stock as it grows. $350 could lift off that car loan or bring down your mortgage. There are also stocks that “PAY YOU” earnings and dividends that pay out 4 times a month, twice a year, even once a month. Meanwhile you still own the stock!

Americans have baby boomers that have no respect for the work put into growing this country. People have given their lives to fighting wars over seas to give our young the freedoms of having food in our belly, clothes, and land.

Don’t let China or people from other countries enter our country, and create a land of dust and rock. Americans have ALWAYS worked hard to help each other, and there are people who are bleeding our system dry. America is the melting pot of many countries, but when we help each others become self supportive THAT is when we can call them American.

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Pricing in this example; they are not the true share cost for Home Bistro, Inc.
However, there companies that would fit this example at any given time of the year.

I am not a broker, or an income adviser. I do my own research, and again this letter is JUST One possibility of what young companies can do.

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