Where the USA went wrong!

First we are a group of States!

Each State has multiple groups of Representatives for each county within that State.

Every person in their county within that State go to their representative for Town, City and State with Ideas, events, and grievances happening in their local area.

Representatives and Law Makers meet to discuss improvements to their States. The laws are made to keep everyone happy.

So each person…of their State; has law makers, that we agree to follow the agreement made between those law makers and representatives.

Each State has the right to govern their own State. Those same State Law Makers send someone called a Senator to speak on behalf of that State in Washington where Federal Law is written.

The Senator should be speaking to “Their” State Law Makers (and may speak to representatives) to be sure its understood what the People of his State are looking for to improve the State; that the Senator is representing. (Example would be maybe a bridge or dam where life is effected.)

The Senator is the voice for that State in the Washington Capital to carry out “We The People” of that Senator’s State interest; NOT THEIR OWN.

So in plain English “The People Rule!”
The people tell the Representatives
Representatives who are just like a Clerk to what “The People” want for rules, laws, and improvements, and brings that information to Law Makers.

Representatives speak to Law Makers, and the Senator (also a Clerk) compiles all that information to be sure their State’s Federal money, rules, laws, and improvements are fairly dispersed to Federal highways, parks, education, troops, and medical emergency systems.

It is every persons responsibility not allow Any one person to think they are more powerful then any person. Government people should be humbled by their place of duty.

When you see a High Level Clerk such as Nancy Pelosi destroy the speech of our President, and Senators undermining the goals of the President, and treat our President as though its just being a ceremony to a visitor.

We would be best to think back to the people who died under the command of our many past Presidents.

29 minutes of your time is all I ask…

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