Remember I told you First!

Things we will be seeing this year, so you are going to want to follow and share this page. We are upgrading Batteries as you may have heard about through Tesla’s cars.

Mining, computer chips are going already by-passing 5G, and are being constructed so fast that the demand has left the car industry computer chips are being held up. Some production lines have come to a stop; waiting their turn to have their orders filled.

This is where America excels… we produce the chips that everyone needs! This is the time for investing, building, and doing business. I will do my best to give you the heads up where to invest, but Americans better get on the ball or you are going to miss the chance to get the gold in your pocket. This is going to be the decade of growing into Great products, and Wi-Fi is going to just to a communication is about to go to a level Of Sci-Fi you never thought could happen in your life time…

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