It goes back on the Democrat Party

Democrat Party has taken every chance to lock people up as you have heard with Kamala Harris’ PATHETIC Excuse For Locking Up Parents. They have locked people up for falsely accused sex crime, domestic violence, false crimes that could not be properly defended with proper experienced attorneys due to the lac of funds, and over loaded prisons.

It is a pick and choose to may have slam dunk case that would improve attorneys credit, so they would be able to get their own Law Office Attorneys need votes to move up in the government system, so most attorneys will have their clients who are accused; “bargain”, for lesser time. Courts know this, but to coerce people by over lapping charges that an individual may be looking at serving 10 or more years. That will induce many to to what they plead for less time to avoid the expanse the State or county will have to pay should it go to trial.

Same thing for Judges… as you may have seen with Judge Brett Michael Kavanaugh, being drilled by Minnesota Democrat Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Since 1993 had you been paying attention to Democrat’s people once accuse will eat their own. Just like they are with the most recent case of NY Governor Cuomo who made a public apology, and said he won’t resign.

The Democrat Party need a fall guy; for the many deaths that have happen in NY, and like Cowards they pulled away from their long years of saying they love the guy to; “He’s Bad”! But you and I know to respect the work place, and people need to speak up. When women are walking around almost nude on the beaches; are educated, and support themselves; drive a deadly machine… should be able to tell a friend or the guy to back off.

The death’s in NY falls on the people who also work for Governor Cuomo. This is why our government is so messed up… some think goes wrong like the FBI or the CIA tear it down and rebuild. Change security codes and numbers straight away.

Nancy Pelosi put National Guards in a lower garage with no bedding, no masks, and tried to give orders to the soldiers (Pelosi)… Hello, they don’t work for high profile clerks!

Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House she has turned this Government up side down, and has ruined the reputation of the USA internal structure. Moreover has allowed by her representation; the blatant disrespect toward the greatest President that has ever held office President Donald J Trump. “We the People” are shamed in front of the world.

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