Bring Trump Back!

The Only working Government in North America is “The Native Americans”, and prophecy of the Native Americans has said, “We Will Get Our Land Back.”

All people that have eaten from this earth; born to this land, is the blood, and spirit of the People that have lived here for thousands of years.

The American Soldiers are the warriors of days past. Our land is divided between the good and the bad. We are all brothers and sisters of the earth, and greed of the so called leaders has take over their Minds, Bodies, and the Spirit in which they walk.

If you do not know of the way of life of the Native People… you should learn; for the day is coming that the “Spirit” of man will stand over you, and your history of Good and Bad will be seen in the eyes that you have lived your life.

The Earth is crying out, and there is more coming I promise you. I am not a holy man; just a man who hears the earth crying out for the souls of the mothers, the chosen life givers.

When a government claims to control weather; create Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics to extract body parts from the unborn, this is an insult to the very Spirit of mankind.

When the men around you gather their weapons, and their children have been taken as what is happening at the borders; they will come to claim what is theirs. Much like Rome, Egypt, France, Governments Fall. The so called reset Hilary (Hitler) spoke of a rebirth of good over evil or is it evil takes control as Biden and Harris grow the “immigrant camps” as once done by the Nazi death camps?

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