My Family has 3 bodies in Arlington Cemetery

My Grand Father, my Uncle Fern, My Uncle Walt all have severed to include my brother, and myself; everyone dead, but me.

My Uncle a Green Beret, and CIA served in Viet Nam; my other Uncle in Korea, my brother Okinawa, my Grand Father past out mail on hospital ship Hope. I was in the National Guard for 6 years, and was there to guard the Pope.

I feel shame for what Nancy Pelosi, and what our government is doing. We all lived and breathe USA; even my dad, deaf since age 5 from the mumps. He put out the flag ever day, and brought it in every night.

It’s hard to believe after so many lives that have past due to war… that there is no war inside our government to take it back. This government is on a spending spree with money for our children’s children; with China knocking on our door.

The killer here is no one has the guts from within the FBI, CIA, and Home Land Security to do any thing about. I watched President Biden telling Nancy Pelosi on TV say, “what do you want me to say, I’ll say what ever you want.” Then they cut him off.

Hilary Clinton and Obama are back at the White House… So where is Military Intelligence; the last line in defending our country?

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