What are children learning?

If you have a job, unless your an illegal immigrant, you must pay the government whatever tax shall be determined. Pay all your licensing fee, registration, required insurance, inspections, taxes, fines, parking tickets, speeding tickets, any towing fines while holding a valid Drivers License. None if any of the above is required for illegal immigrant.

The government also asks that you support the veteran non-profits so the service men and women can get arms and legs, and some times buy them a home to promote for more service people.

It is ok for rich kids and illegal immigrant to go to school; poor people will wait till the government tells you when you can send your children.

Only the rich, and government people and government families are allow to break the law, and show up for court hearings when they want even if it’s a Congress subpoena . This also includes illegal immigrant who will also be given government cash, housing, and education.

Law officers including FBI, CIA, and Home Land Security can break the law, and kill people with guns, and other weapons if they support the Democrat Party. No Law officer is no long required to support any group other then the Democrat Party this also includes the illegal immigrant who are the voters of said Democrat Party.

Democrat Party need not respond or follow the same rules because they are above the common law. They are allowed to get what ever pay they set for themselves and expenses.
Their children’s schooling to include college, drugs, escorts, and get paid through grants.

For the common families… Fathers will be forced out of the homes should they raise their voice or any claim be made, will be charged with domestic violence. Therefore, must remove all guns from home, and gun license or permits be suspended.

Mothers that do not agree with any charge put on said father will be considered unfit, and the children will be put into child protection service. Mother’s must also work, and file for the help with planned Parent hood for any abortions, food stamps, and any other government group that the government require.

If mother does not comply; the children will be removed from her care. Should the children be brought up in foster care/daycare, and the mothers if able, will carry them home at the end of the day or however the court will determine.

Mother’s and Fathers will pay for the child day care if they are still living in the same home, and the children maybe placed in whatever shelter the government shall decide. Moreover, should the government decide the placement of any child; the parent will have no say to the gender, transgender, same sex, race, or religion of such placement.

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