Russia is not the Enemy

Russian Doomsday Torpedo About to Test || Poseidon Nuclear Powered Underwater Drone

We have never had a War with Russia, and with modern times and communications with people talking to people from all over the world we may never see a war with Russia.

Some People look at Russia as a weak and broken country, but they are not. When you look to history, and in WWII they were our allies. The fear of war is there because they are much like us; a people willing to die for their country, to the end one might say.

This is the best up-date I can give you to what their power can do if we went to war with them. Not to put you in fear, but to give them the respect of them as people; moreover their traditions to defend their lands with equal force of the USA.

What does Putin think of Biden… My research tells me Putin looks at the Democrat Party as nothing more then School Yard Bullies, and you can bet he has an eye on China as another Hitler Force looking for World Domination. China does not want to upset Russia.

Now for a presentation to I have found: (Please share, like and follow or even comment)

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