Take a good look at how the Fed’s are controlling States, and the States are giving up their power to Govern.

“We the People” control our way of life, and it starts in your home town! Shut down the Government spending before we have nothing left.

Governments are not moving fast enough to save “OUR” money and future; moreover the future of our children’s or their children. If your States do not Stop what is happening; we will deplete our funds. The rain of money has to stop now!

As a Sub-Contractor… would you continue to pay for schools that are not in use? Would you pay to rebuild roads that are only being patched? What about bridges that are falling apart because our government used the repair/replace money some where else.

I’m sorry if you think your job is more important then your life, and the life of what ever family you have left. Do you come from a broken family? Is your relationship with your wife or husband leading to separation?

As your own contractor you can still work at your job. Explain to your boss you will handle your own taxes, and pay yearly. Your money is going over seas, and to anyone that steps into our country. The Social Security is spent, and they are working on your 401K as the go to income for Government.

Face it State Representatives are nothing more then clerks; a mouth piece for their State, and the Senators that walk around like Kings and Queens, are ALSO nothing more then a Clerk delivering Your Voice on issues. Have they ever knocked on your door, show up at your church or town hall to hear what you have to say? No or few in between.

What they understand… Money and the power they have over you! Do they show up at your community and ask you for a thousand to send to aid China? What would you say?

Our soldiers go to war, and come back to depend on Fund raisers? Sleep on the streets while immigrants sleep in hotels paid for by “Your” federal money taken from your pay check weekly.

Are you eating sandwiches for lunch to save money while Government both State and Federal leaders spend $10,000 or more for their lunches?

I hope you get the point… Take control of your own funds; their yours, no matter who is in the White House or your City Hall. If you don’t do this now, and shut down their money spending what will you see happen?

Thoughts Comments welcome; Please share, like, and pass on and follow for things to think about.

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