It’s been 1 year since George Floyd’s death! Things just won’t Stop with Joe Biden

This is crazy! Democrat Party is out of control like its the Last Dance. We keep hearing the system is broken, and we have to fix it; it’s the same thing over and over, or is it me (?). Democrat Party continues to make good American people felons, and they hide the truth over and over again. Thank God this cop was caught.

This Lieutenant has worked very hard to get to where he is, and in a flash if not recorded would go in the favor of the police officer who was fired.

Trump was trying to fix things, Nancy Pelosi continue to harass make Trumps job hard. Trump is or was as President of the United Sates the The Very Top Guy over all Military Service Branches; Americas Top Cop to appoint the Attorney General to protect Civil, Federal, and Government legal issues, and has the power to release people from prison as he sees fit.

People are going nuts for many reasons… like Hilary walking away after all she has done. Obama sending out 1.6 billion in mixed currency unmarked out of the country with no one knowing about it.

FBI Top cops, and the CIA who are both the over seers that was to stop all the things that have gone wrong with our government. Biden who has more crimes under his belt then his son he used as a bag man for his cut of the money they took from Russia.

So with that in mind watch the conclusion to our story.

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