Putin Reacts – To Hell With Their Sanctions – Compilation!

Ever since Donald J Trump came into office, I have as a good American Soldier have not and will not ever give up the fight until our freedom is secured.

I was a soldier in the time of the cold war, and fear of a nuclear war has died down a great deal in thinking Russia would go to war with us. As a child in school we would practice hide under our desk from bomb fall out, and retreating to bomb shelters.

Thank God, the war never made it to our shores here in America. Ronald Reagan was able to work out having the Russian wall torn down allowing families to reunite after long years of separation.

All the damage the democrat party has done to our government is unforgivable, and we must continue on because it’s what we do as Americans. Our land is our land, and we can buy and sell what ever we want at any price. Therefore, that is our right in choice under what is called capitalism.

We can say and do what ever we want where ever we want in accordance to laws and rules we have laid out so not to offend or trample on someone else’s right to live free. We can practice any religion we like, but as citizens we must honor the Constitution and the Bill of Rights laid out by the founders of America.

That was the agreement, and arrangement set forth for the contract and sworn allegiants to any and all that reside in America. So enough of the history lesson…

Here’s what Putin had to say about sanctions put on Russia. It is also key to remember that the Russian people are very much like us in serving and protecting their lands. They are at present coming to the point of totally supporting their own way of life, and Biden has woken Putin up to that fact.

No matter what you hear about Russia, Do Not underestimate the faith and power to endure. I know my history, and have lived through the fear of nuclear war. Frankly Putin thinks of Biden as nothing more then a school yard bully.

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