Blacks turn on Democrat Party?

Those of you who were alive or even born shortly after the 1960’s must remember President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK), and his brother United States Attorney General Robert Kennedy who were both murdered. As well as Martin Luther King Jr who was also murdered which I believe to be an internal struggle for power with in the government.

The Kennedy family were “The Democrat Party”, and they much to their credit helped free blacks from suppression of those times. Where whites and blacks shared separate quarters such as bath rooms, education, restaurants, and job placement.

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, delivered in November 1863, referred to the proclamation and abolition of slavery as a goal of the war with the words “a new birth of freedom.” The proclamation thus added moral force to the Union cause and reinforced it politically and militarily.

The Emancipation Proclamation has assumed its rightful place among the world’s essential documents of human freedom. But Lincoln’s handwritten draft of the final version was destroyed in the Chicago Fire of 1871. Today, the original, official copy is enshrined in the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

The proclamation was not a law passed by Congress but a presidential order. Therefore, Lincoln favored a constitutional amendment to guarantee its perpetuity. When the 13th Amendment took effect in December 1865, slavery was abolished throughout the nation.

While populations adjusted to the push of the Kennedy Family, and the hard work of the King Family put the final end to rejecting all people of all race, and color. So we can honestly say it was a mark in time. That the melting pot of America became complete, and hardships of the past set aside the pains of our ancestors lay in rest.

The Democrat Party over time have found keeping the blacks and other lower income, blue collar workers in low education level causing them to be in need of housing, food, and medical has put forth the mindset of a failed group of victims who can not survive with out the government in control of their lives.

Today Black Lives Matter march together with white and other races speaking out to the Democrat Party that they will no long be looked at as victims. That they see their abilities to grow, and will not tolerate being porn’s on the Democrat game board.

So now, the Democrat Party have turned their focus to immigrants who are in need too turn their mind set to the victim mode as they have branded them (unknowingly) with the Biden T-shirts as them are the property of the Democrat Party.

The difference between President Trump promotions; Hats, T-shirts, and other regalia of loyalty to a President who fights for “We the People” is the Democrat Party thinks handing out T-shirts will being them loyalty.

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