Exposed Government Spending; Taken from Every Worker

Please listen to the cost of an inmate who is locked in a room, and fed 3 meals a day; what is the cost. So you can see a list of what you are told “look here“, but keep in mind if something on that list is not done to or for the inmate… you don’t get credit for in your taxes. This by the way is just the State money; Federals funds also come in to help State cost.

States have focused on incarceration as you will hear this fellow say. He will also disclose an example as such the release of 20,000 inmates ( at $100,000 a head); the institution would lose 5 guards. Do the math 20,000 inmates x 100,000 per head comes to the amazing 2,000,000,000. That is a lot of zero’s.

Now California is looking to cut loss 76,000 inmates; one must or should be asking where is my tax money going? Have you ever got a rebate if an inmate got out early?

Click here if you can stomach this.

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