Interview an Inmate

Most if not all people drum up hate for the offender “before, during, and after” court proceeding.  Pity, sympathy and favor almost automatically goes to the victim (s) in the case presented to the court.

So lets view the case after the conviction. The now inmate goes to jail. Months later the excitement is over, the victims (s)are back to their life’s and the inmate does their time.
Inmate punishment is to be removed from society like a child sent to their room. However, guards believe it’s their job to inflict punishment when the citizen crosses into the prison world.

There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. With that being said why do we turn our back on the convicted who fail isn’t that irresponsible of the people?

Here let me give you an example of an inmate story. Eric is the inmates name… at a young and tender age when Eric would do bad things like not come when called was not just sent to his room, but had to suffer cigarette or cigar burns to the shin bone or forearms. Not wanting to feel shame for wrong doing; would wear long pants and long sleeves.

Eric was removed from the home, but as time went on the system forgot that child that was tormented for many years from age 5 until removal from the home in his teens. The system knowing history will or could repeat in the family home as the child grows; drops the ball, and just moves on to the next case.

Now comes before the court… Eric! Now this is not for Lolli Pops, Ice Cream and day trips to the museums, and not so many helpful people, but the other side of the coin of more hate, rejection, and the flash backs to childhood.

This is just one of the many sad stories of an inmate. Do you think Eric’s understanding of love should be life in prison if he carried on family tradition? 
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