All States to take Control of Your Money!

Shut Down the Federal Government from controlling your money! What is wrong with people? Do you really want your family under control of “One” All be All?

The Federal Government is out of control because of Your State Leaders! Lets have a look at Your States; as a State, the people make their own laws.

The people of each State appoint citizens to create and amend State Laws “When Needed”.

The Law Makers have representatives from your local area that You Picked to be your voice. Basically tell the Law Makers “What you Want”. Like stores, bridges, education, in your area to including industry.

The Governor has over site for the best interest of the State for all the citizens best gain in development. Therefore there is work and communication to do with many groups within Your State.

This is were the Federal Government come to the State Door for Your Money. You have to pick a trusted citizen called a “Senator” (s).

The Federal Government has a Big Peggy Bank where “All States” will deposit the cash.

This is where the evil comes to play Washington DC

I think we need to put in a stop valve before we sign a release funds; too know the Federal plan with Our future or the future of our children.
(Keep in mind Obama take 1.6 Billion in cash and sending it over seas)

Why not stop our money from going over seas without a vote from each State it is clear from Mitt Romney they do what they want; it completely cuts the voter or the tax payer out of the picture.

Why help other countries when Vets (Veterans are “Volunteers” for Service) are sleeping on the street? (Is the only way to help Vets is a non profit) States need better control of their money.

What if the senators decide what States can eat meat, and who eats pork? They already tell us what kind of power we are going to use. They have taken away big cars through their regulation and automated the way we shop; when and where we can swim and picnic.

Think about this for a minute: we pay for a license, car insurance, car plates and inspections for the car, and pay for the car… then from your taxed pay check… you will again pay tax on the 5 items mentioned. Unless you come from another country.

For your home same thing; a little different, whether you use it or not: property tax, insurance tax, water tax, electric tax, sewer tax, school tax, additions or modifications tax, business tax if you have one, and fuel tax for both car and home.

All I can say is thank god for Trump; before he came in people had little to no understanding of government, and how they had been stealing the peoples money.

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