Military vs Police

What is asked of someone from the Military when given an order… “Do”! Don’t think just do right? We you hesitate in the field of battle you die; it’s that simple! Not hard to follow orders no matter the rank.

Common sense tells you if your officer in command tells you to kill everyone in the village then that soldier can in fact refuse the order. We protect and defend. We do not murder.

Now as a police officer common sense is more then a requirement; its a demand of we the people. It is an honor that the people have picked you to protect, defend, and to know the law enough not to violate the rights of the people.

If we were invaded here in this country; let me give you a little history lesson. Americans learned much from the warriors of the Native American tribes. That is why we are so unbeatable.

Native People lived in all four season where some countries have only one or two; so to make a long story short just in regard to Soldier and Policemen.

When tribes move from place to place there were small groups or bands (that are now called platoons same as the military) of 30 to 40 men that would cover different areas miles out from the people of the tribe. They would watch for other bands that may want to steal from the people so they were there to stop them from raiding the village.

Should the village get raided the Dog Soldiers (we know them as Police) where the last line of the defense to die if needed. It was better to die then lose the life of a tribal member.

The women too would step to the front line if a Dog Soldier was hurt, and encircled the children to take the bullet or arrows.

If the village was just about lost; a Dog Soldier would ride off the find the Troops, or better known as Warrior Bands to save the day.

Now that you hear that; ask yourself why police are not given rubber bullets? They are trained to react fast. They could carry both rubber bullets and live rounds. If under fire a rubber bullet would take someone down; giving the officer time to load live rounds if needed.

When an officer says I have a taser, and pulls a gun by mistake… chances are the person is going live. Should someone pull a knife… a warning from the officer, then a shot with a rubber bullet will keep the person alive, and save the officer from a lot of paper work.

Look it’s clear the Democrat Party have controlled voting in other countries, and now here.

Equality and justice is one sided… It is up to the police to arrest Hilary Clinton and the Clinton cartel. It is up to the FBI to investigate, yet they are attack the Trump Family.

The American Dream is a mother knowing that some day her child could be President; that is the dream! Not Nancy Pelosi the Presidency is just a formality, and Trump is an outsider.

Each State can pick who they want as a Representative, Senator, and an one can run for office of the President. There are rules to run for office, and Trump has every right in the world to run for office.

Inconclusion: Democratic Party has a distorted view from being in the bosses seat for all these years; America needs to clean house one way or the other. Soldiers are giving their lives right now while the house of corruption plays with our loved ones.

Teens are having sex under space blankets we have given them at the border, and the Democrat Party does nothing. Women at the Border are getting sterilized forcefully by American Doctors. Is this the all new slave labor? Cross the border and make us workers?

The Democrat Party admitted they locked up over 75,000 Californian people for crimes that maybe should have not been locked up. From Murder, Rape, domestic reasons.
So ask your self this just how many felons are really out there? For every person labeled with a crime being a felon can not carry a gun… is this their game to label people so they do as the Democrat Party want, and force people to turn in their guns or be labeled?

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