Towel Heads are people who spread Evil Wars and Hate

From out of the deserts comes the warring people that like to riot. Our country is a land of milk and honey; their lands are of rock and stone. Why is that?

There are those who are takers, and there are those who are givers.

Since the whites have come to this land to including blacks, brown, immigrants, etc.; who all viewed the history of the Native American life style as a giving people. Many Native American fought and died for the taking of their lands.

It is well known that the Spanish came to South America with 500 men, and killed millions before leaving the Mayan people who could not have had a chance from such a warring people.

Those who know North American History know the same thing has happen with France and British coming to America with the Native American in the middle. Out of all the wars in the world the Native Americans are the only people that did not get their land back.

Native Americans were put on reservations, and protected blacks from slave hunters. Yet to day blacks chase the white for yesterdays pains that can not be claimed as theirs. Blacks claim they are African Americans; if you are from Africa, why do you call yourself American.

If you are African; and you feel the days of slavery were wrong, why are you not going back to your country to repair the damage done there?

You can not deny this is the land of America, and the people here are Americans. Native American people have taken in many people into their hearts.

So I say this; there are many colors in the rainbow, and all have helped in rebuilding the Americas. We have all fought side by side to stop suppression. We have helped our neighbors in hard times of starvation, and disease.

Look if you need an invitation here it is; you are welcome to go back to your country. If you are American then say American, if you want to add on a country before the name of American… please leave.

The land of American people; we Americans, take one thing from our land we give two back too the land. If you are from a land of stone and sand, or of tribes that war don’t bring your fight here!

We offer knowledge to live well any where in the world. Please go to your country, and heal your lands.

There is only one kind of people here in America, and that’s American a people of the rainbow. We are the melting pot that help and educate people of other lands; we are an assortment of people and we like it that way.

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