Guy jumps from Columbus Franklin County court room

Maybe if Trump was in office this may not have happen, but when the Government is corrupt and the bad guys rule… Just watch; just how cold the cops can be. Yelling at an animal that just took; the same hit as a dog run over with a car. Do you think he is understanding anything being said to him?

Not like the movies is it? You know where the cop comes running over telling you to hang on kid… help is on the way. It’s more like a war scene where everyone surround the enemy, and dare not touch him. Did you ever get in a car accident and the cops stand around until the ambulance gets there? Cops are hero’s… or pretenders to the cameras?

Do you think he will get away? Fact: this fall could kill you with only minutes left dyeing in cuffs would you want someone there close to you, rather then lay there like a dog as cars race by? Is there someone there to apply pressure to the “Head” wounds? Maybe he didn’t bounce and there is only one wound to the head.

Oh ya, he’s the bad guy… he doesn’t count anymore. He has no right to vote, will never carry a weapon, he will never have a chance to correct his life by going in the service to learn a trade. He will not be able to visit his kids until behind bars maybe 6 months down the road, and fully processed. Forget the job fair; sure to be the last man on the list.

Plus, he could become one of those guys that runs around shooting cops, and innocent people in McDonalds, train stations, and shopping malls just because he failed, and can’t get ahead. He jump the rail, and should just be put down like the dirty dog he is! Hell lets take his organs just in case we can use them, or sell them. Does anybody have the number to Planned Parenthood?

Democrat State… welcome to hell! You will not get a fair trial; because you can only afford… a drunk lawyer rejected from the system who is left to make deals with the court or they will give you lawyer for free if you can’t get anymore money out of you. Don’t worry… they are only promoted by votes, and if your the one in hot water… well don’t worry we already know you will never vote again.

Do you think the mother will have anything to say about the way he’s treated? No, I don’t think so, now that he’s a loser. Plus, the mother is more then likely single, and has other kids to support.

So what do you do when a cop says. stand up, another yells stay down, another put your hands up, stop the recording! LOL maybe 10 more cops will do! Where is Hilary Clinton!? This man, women, bi-sexual… ok what is the procedure? Did anybody read his rights to him?

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