320 manatees dead in Brevard since January; Coalition calls on DeSantis for help

The Indian River Lagoon is 156 miles of waterway nestled between Florida’s mainland and a long barrier island that runs the coast, including Brevard County.animal on the rock: manatee© Provided by WESH Orlando manatee

It was a place where hundreds of manatees used to call home.

“When I came to Brevard County you can hardly trip into the water without finding manatee and now I haven’t seen one in I can’t remember when,” Brad Hall said.

That’s because manatees are dying at an alarming rate. Since January, 320 have died in Brevard County. Normally that number would be around 150.

“It’s been heartbreaking. (It’s been) heartbreaking for the residents to come out into their back yard and find a dead carcass there,” Leesa Souto said.

Souto is with the Marine Resource Council. She says the manatees are starving to death. The sea cows live off seagrass which humans are killing.

“The population continues to grow in Florida. Everything we do on the land gets flushed down the storm system or dumped down the toilet and dumped into our coastal areas. It’s all that pollution,” Souto said.

Brevard County did pass a small tax to help clean up the Indian River Lagoon but experts say the problem is now bigger than the money generated.

Recently, a coalition of groups asked Gov. Ron DeSantis to declare a state of emergency to save the Indian River Lagoon and the manatees.

They say DeSantis has access to more funding and an influence over the water management district.

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