GAME OVER! Elon Musk DESTROYS Facebook’s Satellite!

A little back ground real fast; you are welcome to do some fact checking on the start of facebook. Mark suckaburger CEO of facebook stole everyone’s information at Harvard was his first start. Later met Elon Musk who gave him start up money to help join colleges on a Mark’s site to grow learning through links.

Mark again stealing information, and selling it grow out of the control of Musk like Doc Evil suckaburger, Mark planed to control the world along with Bill Gates. So it’s easy to see why Elon Musk has no love for the owner of facebook; I don’t blame him for the monster he helped create.

Elon Musk is heading many areas to help man kind, from cars, boats, and space. This gives our young a chance to become something to look to the future to advance our knowledge even if Musk focuses on just one area; people will be able to pick where he may have left off.

America has taken from evil before (Germany wanting to control the world), and turned it into some Great in rockets, and space exploration. Germany’s way of life in WWII can only lead to greed, and destruction.

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