Ukraine Gang owns Biden Clan will Biden use US Troops to Power down Russia

If Biden continues to put his foot into the middle of the Russian People there is No Doubt the USA will end up in War with Russia.

The Ukraine people and the State of Russia are the a united people who just live on two sides of the fence. There is a power struggle as to who is the lead Government, and who is to be leader.

The USA needs to stay out of their business. How Biden can side with a Gang in another country is unbelievable.

Biden has 3 more years in, if this election correction to put Trump back in office does not happen; my view is to prepare for War. Should we go to War… it will be nuclear, and there is no where you or your loved ones will be safe.

Never mine the heat the fall out, and the radiation; the earth will be covered in a fog so deep it will black out the sun for years. There will be no food, no water, and no friendlies.

Look at what already happen to us

Year 536 Was the Worst Year to Be Alive – What Happened?

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