Could the Taliban or China have Congress Bending their way by threaten to do something to their Families?

Could the Taliban or China have Congress Bending their way by threaten to do something to their Families?

Good Question right? Who would know? Roomers have it that Mitch McConnell is Gay or Bi-Sexual, and when it appears in the newspaper or blog (Where I first seen it) it will disappear just as fast as it came up.

Could it be Nancy Pelosi and others threaten to put him out there? We should know as common knowledge by now the Democrats play the bones in the closet to get their way.

We do know it’s the Ukraine that has the Mob Members because of the corruption with the Biden Clan, and it’s something he knows well due to his relationship with the Kennedy Family or even his now relationship he’s had for years with John Kerry, Mitt Romney, and the Clinton crime family.

It’s pretty darn clear Donald J Trump has nothing to do with the Democrat evil doings, and would never agree to Global Tax to the American People. Not to mention how they reject his opening up of Government to the America People.

They went after the whole Trump family too include his little boy who did nothing.

So, how do we know the Mob isn’t controlling Biden everyone heard Joe Biden ask Nancy what “she” wanted him to do. Nancy Pelosi is House Speaker, and she is either controlling Biden or hide the fact that he can not due the job; this should be a crime against the people.

We are paying them; they are taking our money, and passing it around the world! That is our retirement money; and ask yourself this… why do the American People have to scrape, borrow, and steel for donations for veterans?

Here Listen to Biden ask Nancy Pelosi…

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