Democrat Party has taken apart America and how they did it!

We never seen it coming as the Democrat Party has targeted the fears they themselves have created.

Starting in the 70’s they began in Massachusetts by first going after families domestic issues to separate the nuclear family thus to build up two incomes that could be taxed. This would force teens out of the homes to also get a job leaving the rich to go to put their kids in college, and the poor to leave school to help pay bills.

By the 80’s there was a flood of drugs in America so bad Ronald Reagan incorporated the Navy to chase down drugs from South America, and also built up Great relationship with Russia. If you know your history Ronald Reagan also brought down the Berlin wall, and made one of his most famous speeches.

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”, also known as the Berlin Wall Speech, was a speech delivered by United States President Ronald Reagan in West Berlin on June 12, 1987. Reagan called for the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, to open the Berlin Wall, which had separated West and East Berlin since 1961. The name is derived from a key line in the middle of the speech: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Once we entered the 90’s the Bush Family followed by the Clinton Cartel needed a way to speed up the process of breaking up families by planting the seeds of racial separation, and the weak power of women not being able to keep up with men.

As we all know to well that the courts slow in prosecution of women because women were to be the primary guardian for the children no matter the wealth of the father with the exception of the elite wealthy.

It was at about the time of early 90’s the Democrat Party would gather monies to build up planned Parenthood that was at first badly needed to organize women and children who would not be denied funds needed. This would open the eyes of the Democrat Party with dollar signs. Who would dare deny children maybe women, but not the children!?

The Democrat Party realized they had the power of the black, brown, and immigrant support by living off the Kennedy Legacy of the 60’s and 70’s. John F Kennedy (assonated 1963) with his brother Robert Kennedy (also assonated 1968) fighting for equal protect of rights for all people in the USA.

The fact that the Kennedy’s were assonated, many showed loyalty to the Democrat Party until the natural death of Senator Ted Kennedy were Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney, John Kerry, and many others try to pull their mess together by trying to keep the Clinton Cartel in power.

Blacks, Brown, are now waking up to the fact the Democrat Party has been exploiting their loyalty by saying if your not for Democrat’s, then you ain’t Black. As the Biden’s and Clinton Cartel continue to get way with being above the law.

Without the American’s noticing Democrats continued to separate all people no matter the race, color, or religion. They needed to keep to their plan of separation by creating chaos in larger groups. With Blacks on their side they begin playing on the loyalty, and had their own like Maxine Waters agree to go after black gangs, and immigrant’s (citizen or not) gangs, and prosecuted innocent people just for knowing gang members by labeling them gang members even if they never broke the law.

Democrat’s in the 90’s wanted more! So here come the big bucks… $50,000 to $100,000 when a person is incarcerated. If you follow the news California just released 75,000 because the Democrat Party admit they went over board with incarceration of mostly blacks, immigrants, and whites.

Democrat’s start to convince people that inmates need to pay for their incarceration allowing the Democrats to keep the incarceration money from people locked up. The other benefits of locking up people is they were now felons; limits vote, and takes their gun rights.

Once released back into the population, people would agree they need help by having them attend programs which the Democrat Party would allow more money their way, and later lobby to have the felon pay leaving the Democrat’s to keep again the government money.

Still not good enough for the heartless Democrat Party… with all these felons both men and women they needed to deal with the children. Crying to the “We the People”, the children, the children who can deny the children money.

This opened a whole new world of income to the Democrat Party! Now come the Social Workers, more Teachers, Counselors, Case Workers, WIC programs, probation officers, Home for the juvenile delinquent, abused women and children.

Lets say it again! Still not good enough for the Democrat Party; they began on another plan that is so evil who would have thought people could be so cruel. They went after little boys to increase children home (juveniles); there goes the boys club, cub scouts, boy club and other boy groups begin to disappear leaving but a few.

Then the church truth or not, the money grab was on like sharks on a whale and the people could not be more blindly supportive. Every once and a while they will target a religious group to balance their greed.

Lets not stop there! The girls don’t get off so easy! Young pregnancy… about 200,000 a year births a year ages 15-19; there is money in stem cell research, so they favor abortions, but as we all know now… they want abortions right up to the birth of the baby.

Should I continue? CDL licenses, that does not allow felons to drive a truck (we have a trucking shortage) oh; there’s the Sex Offenders, everyone hates the word and the persons who stands accused, so the Democrat Party jumped on that too the Sex Offender registry (felons) to keep people homeless and in need for government shelters bounded from travel to start a new type a slavery. We are the only country to post sex offenders world wide to trap them here. Not only are they kept here but it is the start of collecting DNA, Finger prints, facial ID… who would complain about that (?) till it comes to collecting your ID as they tried with vaccine cards.

Then there’s Shelters for battered women! None of these thing were issues in the past; bottom line we know there are bad people out there, but pick up your head and look around. There is more then meets the eye.

Democrat’s are playing all of us on fears, and our families. The only way it’s going to stop is “We the People” need to wake up, and slow there roll. God the Great Spirit gave us free will, and it’s us that need to get our house in order. Ever hear the saying God helps those who help themselves?

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