$525,000 1919 CLASSIC LA HARBOR FERRY The Ace LUXURY REFIT Houseboat Liveaboard Boat Yacht Tour

Huge Thank you to Walter Johnson, Leeann Iacino and EV YACHTING for letting us explore on our own, this Yacht is for sale: https://www.evyachtingusa.com/boat-in…

Join us on the Self-guided Tour;) of this ONE OF A KIND Floating Classic. We have been eyeing up this “Lady” for many years…boy, it’s nothing like I’ve expected. WHAT a HISTORY! WHAT a REFIT! One of the best refits I have Toured up to date… That’s all I’m going to say! This Boat, Yacht, Houseboat, Condo on the water, whatever you wanna call it, is definitely a conversation piece. Did I mention the Office of my dreams?!

So fasten your seat belts, this is going to be a wild ride! She would make a great Liveaboard or an amazing 2nd home for the New Lucky owner!

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