Harris and her Democrat Party have handed out Felonies like they were candy

Man and Female both have had Felon Convictions; how do you protect your family if you want to travel or home stead.

Do you think you are the exception to the rule of karma that you will never get hit with a Felony. Remember the number of Felon’s released in California; 75,000! Do you really believe there where that many when the Democrat’s admit the Law was to strict?

After seeing so many people you thought would never get charged with a crime, and to see how the Democrat Party have gone after Trump; with shootings, and murder in the streets?

We need to protect Donald Trump from their game of attacks. They have gone after his family, and even his little boy. They are after Trump to hit him with a crime, and I hate to say it, but he will not be allowed to run for President if there is a pending charges.

Welcome to America!!

They are trying to push us to a Civil War, and what? Call in the Chinese for help for the civil unrest?

As it is Blacks are over running Chicago with gang riot’s; the loss of control in Seattle, WA, Maryland, and the Island of NY…

Are we not the melting pot or is it becoming every man for him or her self? Even if every thing was to calm down, and you head for the woods to sit out political hell. Get caught with a gun, mace, or stun gun… you break a law; even if it is a brand new Law you didn’t hear of… again jail time and a felony charge will disarm you and your family.

This could happen to you! Are there Bears in your State?

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