Private-eye firm claims Hunter Biden is linked to multiple criminal probes NY Times Reported

Biden, 49, “is the subject of more than one criminal investigation involving fraud, money laundering and a counterfeiting scheme,” the filing alleges. One of those purported investigations relates to Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy company with which Biden held a lucrative board post while his father, Joe, was vice president — drawing allegations of impropriety fromContinue reading “Private-eye firm claims Hunter Biden is linked to multiple criminal probes NY Times Reported”

To Biden Supports released Oct, 2020

When people get hurt, buildings catch fire, and police get shot… remember this is what you are responsible for all that takes place. When whites are pulled from their cars and shot whether man women or child; you, are responsible. You have been warned long before you voted for him; you were warned before heContinue reading “To Biden Supports released Oct, 2020”

Space Craft and how to build it; question How do we steer it, and over come G force?

Originally posted on Junk Malls USA:
Once you have the funds to build a Space Craft that will (1.) overcome Gravity (2) speed is unlimited in space, my question is how do you over come G forces as a piloted craft?Does the shape (compensate) capsule inner G force? Deflection of light around a large mass/…