Help a friend, “Puts Pennies in your Pocket!”

“Today’s 50 Top Trending Stocks” “Top 10 Penny Stocks” “Top Forex Pairs” and “Top ETF’s” are list created by MarketClub’s “Smart Scan” technology. It gives users an instant snapshot of the top 50 stocks with high volume, a clear direction, and lots of liquidity…in trading terms the strongest trending. To gain access to the listContinue reading “Help a friend, “Puts Pennies in your Pocket!””

Prepare for the next trading day!

Prepare for the next trading day, while getting a jump on changing market conditions! For a limited time, get your INO offering of their daily analysis… free! This analysis on stocks and indices, interest rates, energy markets, currencies, precious metals, and commodities is all in one place, and sent to you daily! You’ll receive: – KeyContinue reading “Prepare for the next trading day!”

Options Basics Boot Camp

Dear Reader, For years, you’ve been lied to… “Expert” traders have told you that trading options and the high returns that come with them are complicated, demand hours of training, require a complicated strategy, and that only the elite “Buffets” of the world are using them to make money. Here’s the truth. When you understandContinue reading “Options Basics Boot Camp”

The truth is coming out.

For years, you’ve been lied to… but the truth is coming out. Options and the returns of 2x, 3x or more in a short time are not complicated, risky or only for elite traders. In fact, with knowledge of the basics and a simple straightforward strategy, everyday traders and investors can be successful with options. TraderContinue reading “The truth is coming out.”

Guess who is USA Drug Company?

Kodak Co. Stock symbol “kodk“! They are the oldest good old boys from way back when. Who have been playing with chemicals since…. before I was born. Their stock has been at $5 for a long time, but now if you don’t know have been climbing in value. They shot up to over $33 becauseContinue reading “Guess who is USA Drug Company?”